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Here at The Top Copy Factory We Do Just That. 

We’ve split tested some of the best copywriting strategies, scripts and formulas so that you don’t have to.

We take care of Strategy, Copywriting, and Conversion Optimization.
If You Want A Service That Takes Care Of Everything In Regards to Your Copy Start To Finish We Have You Covered.
We Help You Create The Best Possible Copy According To Your Requirements And Budget 
There are so many “gurus” out there that teach the various ways to write converting copy. Rather than to spend the next few months studying from the best, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. 

Let us do a full assessment of your needs and propose what is best for you. 

We are your copy team and can handle all the busy work
You can relax now, you found us!
Do What You Do Best & Delegate The Rest!
If you are a Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer or Business owner, you must have had the experience of being overwhelmed with too many things on your To-Do list.

That stops now! Work on the bigger picture while we take of all your copywriting needs.

Salesletters, Landing Pages, Follow up emails, Ecomm emails, Upsell, Downsell Pages etc
Focus on working on your product, let us take care of the copy...
How It Works
Collect Information
We will have you complete a brief questionnaire to learn everything about your business going from products, avatar, competition etc. We will also require you to provide us with your previously created copy and company materials.  
After reviewing the information
we send you a quote.

We agree on deliverables,
Take Payment and your
job goes on the board.

We will send you a draft withing
agreed timelines.
You will give us feedback and will review, wrap it up and send it over.
See Some Of The Copy We've Created
Business Strategy
When it comes to writing copy, your positioning and marketing message is everything. Get this wrong and you’re doomed. We help you define your audience, your big idea, your product, and offer etc so that you can go in and dominate your market…
Landing Pages
When done correctly your landing page becomes a money machine. Targeting, flow, and the positing of your offer makes all the difference between success and failure. 
Ad Copy/Email Campaigns
Your Ads are what get the customers foot in the door. Your emails will be the hand that reaches into their wallet. If you want to master your funnel end to end you must pay attention to both. 
Video Sales Letters
Need to deliver a complex value offering in a short period of time? Video Sales Letters are known to engage customers and triple the rate of conversion compared to standard copy.  
When I began building funnels I investigated every platform and funnel company out there.

I found a range cheesy templates and expensive consultants and companies, to platforms that promise how easy it will be, only to leave you feeling as if you've been made to pilot an airplane alone without ever taking a lesson in flying. 

FunnelDesk team has been an absolute lifesaver and the best solution imaginable: they are affordable, available and professional. 

Instead of worrying about the funnel build, I've been able to focus on my business and my clients, and the results have been astounding.

One of my opt in pages from cold traffic sits steady at 47% conversion, and from the time we went live, the entire funnel brought in over $35,000 gross in just 2 weeks. I cannot recommend Rajeev and his My Funnel Team highly enough!

-Kaia Van Zandt, Author & Entrepreneur,, if I can say it like that is a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about their work and clients. 

Despite a very challenging timeline, they helped us with an extremely successful launch, many times pulling late nights and early mornings to make sure we stayed in close touch across timezones. 

Rajeev, the founder offered sound advice and guidance through a few system snags and continued to support us even after the original scope of work was completed. 

He didn’t just get the job done, he demonstrated his commitment to building trust and rapport with us from day one. 

I’d highly recommend his Launch services and will definitely be hiring them again and you should do the same.

-Alex G - F .I Marketing, Founder,
Funnel Ignition
What do you do best?
We specialize in all forms of direct response copy. Our primary focus is creating copy that directly contributes to the growth of a business. Our portfolio includes but is not limited to:
Landing Pages, VSL Scripts, Lead Magnets, Ad Copy, Emails, Website Copy, Webinar Scripts and Articles.
Do I get revisions for my work?
We want to ensure that the client is always happy with what they are paying for; therefore, yes. You are always entitled to at least one revision if for any reason the copy does not meet your needs initially. For complex projects you will be entitled to more.
How long will it take for me to receive my work?
The length of time it takes to for our team to deliver you your copy will vary by the complexity of the project and the volume of clients we are receiving at the time. Before engaging into any project we will discuss an agreed turnaround time. 
How will I receive my copy?
You will always receive your work directly to your email in form of a word and Google document.
Do you guys do voice overs for Video Sales Scripts?
Yes, we do handle voice overs and animation for our video projects but will have to bill accordingly.
Do you offer any additional services other than copy?
Top Copy Factory only focuses on producing copy that sells. We are however partnered with some of the top digital agencies on the market today that are more than capable of delivering you web development and marketing services to ensure that your copy receives maximum profitability and returns.

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